Portfolio Updates

What a difference an year makes.

2017 was relatively uneventful from the point of view of buying stocks for the long term. I started that year with a 16% cash position, which subsequently ballooned to 38%, as I sold more positions than I bought.

2018 has been much more interesting. In spite of contributing substantial amounts of new funds, the cash position is down to 24%. About half that position is tied up in CSPs, so it is quite likely that my true cash position is sub-20%.

I’ve established 3 new 4-6% positions: CHTR (4%), FB (4.2%), and Tencent/JD (5.4%). I also increased by Berkshire position by 35% (~$190), and my position in Colfax by 50%. I am not sure if the latter was a good idea

I also took starter positions in BAM (~$40) and MCK ($130), and might add to them, as opportunity meets the availability of funds. I increased my position in Fairfax and Markel by about 15% each.

I sold off the last bits of Under Armour, Cisco, and George Risk that remained.

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