Pitstop: August 2016

It’s been over 2 months since I started chronicling my adventures in value investing. Its been fun so far, and I am learning a lot. As I read previous posts, I’m learning from my  mistakes, which I think is a good thing.

I thought I’d take a pit-stop and look back at all stocks I’ve recently valued (including some, which I have valued, but not written up). In the table here, I roughly use the midpoint of the range of my estimates to arrive at the number under the “value” column.

Generally speaking, most of my current holdings listed above are either fairly or fully valued. There are only 4 undervalued names (LUK, MNDO, NOV and SPLS).

I wrote covered calls on 3 names at their estimated values: CSCO at $32 (Jan 2017), AAPL at $120 (Nov 2016), and CFR at $75 (Oct 2016).

I have a somewhat large cash position (20%), ready to deploy in case we have a correction.

My top 5 positions are currently BRK, AAPL, IBM, LUK, and OAK. Together they constitute about 40% of the portfolio.

I own a bunch of small positions in stocks that I have no special conviction in. I am going to try to sell them into continued strength, even if that means taking losses.

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